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Prime Research on Medicine

ISSN: 2315-5302

Volume 5, Issue 2, pp. 175-178

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Full Length Research



The relationship between anaerobic performance and special ability skill coordination test



Ercüment Erdoğan, Alparslan İnce, and Erdal Ari



Faculty of Medicine, Kogi State University, Anyigba. Nigeria

 Accepted Date

20th October, 2017



Erdoğan E, İnce A, Ari E (2017). The relationship between anaerobic performance and special ability skill coordination test. Prim. Res. Med. 5(2): 175-178



This study examines the relationship between anaerobic performance and skill-coordination test performed at aptitude tests of universities. In this study, the Wingate anaerobic test (WanT) was used to measure anaerobic power (ANP), anaerobic capacity (AC) and fatigue index (FI) of candidates (n = 47, age = 19.70 ± 1.94 years, height = 169.36 ± 8.45 cm, body weight = 63.11 ± 10.63 kg) who took the aptitude test of Ordu University, School of Physical Education and Sports. Afterwards, times of skill-coordination test consisting of nine stations were measured and recorded using photocell system, and Pearson's correlation and regression analysis were performed using SPSS to analyze the data. There is a moderate and negative relationship between ANP (r = -0.648, p = 0.000) and AC (r = -0.647, p = 0.000) values, and skill-coordination times (p <005). On the other hand, there is no statistically significant relationship between FI (r = 0,098, p = 0,514) values and skill-coordination times (p> 0.05). ANP and ANC values predict (p < 0.05) while FI values do not predict (p > 0.05) skill-coordination times. Findings show that there is a statistically significant and negative relationship between anaerobic power and anaerobic capacity, and skill coordination test times, indicating that skill coordination test times decrease with an increase in ANP and ANC values.

Anaerobic performance, Skill and Coordination, Aptitude test


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