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Prime Research on Medicine

ISSN: 2315-5302

Volume 5, Issue 1, pp. 170-174

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Body Mass Index and dysmenorrhea among adolescent female undergraduate students in Nigeria



Akwu, Bala Peter



Faculty of Medicine, Kogi State University, Anyigba. Nigeria

 Accepted Date

19th May, 2017



Akwu BP (2017). Body Mass Index and dysmenorrhea among adolescent female undergraduate students in Nigeria. Prim. Res. Med. 5(1): 170-174



Dysmenorrhoea is a common problem among adolescent females with serious impacts on their quality of life and future health status. The present crave for bodily fashion among adolescent females also have impacts on the body size index which scholars have often correlated with menstrual disorders including dysmenorrhoea. This present study investigated the relationship between body mass index and dysmenorrhoea as well as the strength and direction of their relationship. To achieve these objectives, a total of 421 adolescent female undergraduate students of Enugu campus of the University of Nigeria were purposively sampled to participate in the study following informed consent. Data were collected using a structured questionnaire, Numeric Pain Rating Scale (NRS) and Quality of Life (QOL) rating scale, etc. Data collected were collated and analyzed with frequency distribution and Pearson correlation tests and presented in figure and table respectively. Findings of the study generally reveal that there exist a non-significant relationship between body mass index and dysmenorrhoea at different strengths and directions. Recommendations on the basis of these findings include curriculum innovation, behavior change communication, counseling,.

Key words:
Body Mass Index, dysmenorrhoea, adolescent females, body mass index


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