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Prime Research on Education

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Prime Research on Education

ISSN: 2251-1253. Volume 6, Issue 1, pp. 847-863

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Full Length Research



Assessment of the perception of primary school teachers about the primary education inspectors performance in public primary school of Federal Capital Territory, Abuja



Charity Egondu Duru-Uremadu



Lecturer, Department of Educational Management, COED, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Umuahia, Abia State. Tel: +234803352844


Accepted date

22nd, February 2017



Duru-Uremadu CE (2017). Assessment of the perception of primary school teachers about the primary education inspectors performance in public primary school of Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Prim. Res. Edu. 6(1): 847-863.



The study investigated the level of performance of public primary education inspectors in the FCT Abuja with a view to determine their actual level of operations and the proffer solution. In particular, the work ascertained the perception of primary school teachers about inspectorsí performance in urban and suburban schools. To determine the above, research questions and hypotheses were formulated to enable the study be statistically tested. ANOVA test method was used to carry out tests and analysis, on 0.05 level of significance. The results revealed that there is no significance difference in the ratings of the functions of the primary education inspectors by the teachers on the working experience. It was also discovered that inspectors perform their duties mostly in urban locations with less attention paid to sub-urban areas. Based on these findings it was recommended, among others that: (1) inspection exercise in primary schools should always be executed with greater attention paid to schools that are not easily accessible to the inspectors where their services are mostly needed; (2) inspectors should make concerted efforts to carry out extensive teaching demonstrations in FCT schools to enable teachers improve on their teaching skills and (3) government should give the inspectors all the needed backings, tools and training they deserve during the performance of their duties. If these recommendations are carried out to the letter it is believed that the quality and performance of the inspectors and the primary school teachers alike would soon improve leading to overall performance of the Nigerian primary education system.

Key words:
Primary education inspections, primary education inspectors, performance; perception of primary school teachers, school effectiveness, ANOVA-tests, Federal Capital Territory




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