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Prime Research on Education

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Prime Research on Education

ISSN: 2251-1253. Volume 5, Issue 2, pp. 821-828

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Modelling of thought in creation designing concept in urban design studio training



1Rahman Tafahomi and 2Reihaneh Nadi



1Senior Lecturer, Department of Architecture, School of Architecture and Built Environment, College of Science and Technology, University of Rwanda. Tel.: +250786975280

2Assistant Lecturer, Department of Urban Planning, Faculty of Art, Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Iran. Tel.: +989354667306


Accepted date

1st, April 2016



Tafahomi R, Nadi R (2016). Modelling of thought in creation designing concept in urban design studio training. Prim. Res. Edu. 5(2): 821-828



The aim of this paper is to identify deficiencies of the process of creation designing concept in the mind of Master students in urban design program. Students face with challenges to create graphical designing concept in the studios program, however, they expected to get more skills in drawing and design abilities in the program. However the results cannot satisfy respondents for designing concept. Hence, methodology of this research designed on the qualitative method and questionnaire, Micro Case Study, Delphi, Graphical Analysis, and Simulation techniques to evaluate the process. Data of research combined from answers of respondents to the same questions in two groups including lecturers and students for comparing. Findings of research identified that students faced with deficiencies in design skills although they required the design skills abilities, and the studios environment was less adapted with their requirements for attending and designing sketching in academic area. As model of thoughts, lecturers just selected cycle form, but for students included wide range of those diagrammatic ideograms. As conclusion, department of urban design should provide some pre-requisition courses for improving design skills of students, particularly for those students with non-relevant background of studies. Urban design studios environment are significant for establishing sense of place, creativity, and design dialogue between students. Therefore, engaging students in managing of studios can enhance level of sense of belonging and comfortability. Additionally, syllabus of the studio courses are undoubtedly effects on outputs of studios as creation designing concepts and should revise majority.

Design thoughts, Diagrammatic ideogram, Creation Designing Concept, Lecturers and Students, Master of Urban Design




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