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Kimuyu JJ

Ogalo JO

Kiura SM

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Prime Journal of Social Science

ISSN: 2315-5051

Volume 6, Issue 6, pp. 1523-1528

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Influence of Technical Factors on In-House Software Quality Assurance in Strategic State Corporations in Kenya



1James J. Kimuyu , 2James O. Ogalo, and 3Salesio M. Kiura



1Doctoral Student; Kisii University.

2Senior Lecturer - Faculty of Information Science and Technology - Kisii University

3Senior Lecturer -School of Computing and Information Technologies - Technical University of Kenya


 Accepted Date

24th October, 2017



Kimuyu JJ, Ogalo JO, Kiura SM (2017). Influence of Technical Factors on In-House Software Quality Assurance in Strategic State Corporations in Kenya. Prim. J. Soc. Sci. 6(6): 1523-1528.



The purpose of the study was to determine the influence of Technical factors on In-house software quality assurance (SQA) in Strategic state corporations (SSCs) in Kenya. The study used both qualitative and quantitative research methods and applied Survey research design. The research population and target group comprised 6 large Strategic state corporations which are critical to the Kenyan economy and attainment of Vision 2030. These corporations have a combined ICT work force of approximately 300 personnel. From the research population, a sample of 169 respondents was selected and administered with questionnaires using a drop and pick method. A multiple linear regression model was used to analyze the data using statistical package for the social sciences (SPSS). The study found that 45.5% of the variation in in-house SQA in SSCs was explained by technical factors. The results of coefficients to the estimates was significant at the 0.05 level of significance. Indicating that Technical factors positively and significantly influence In-house software quality assurance in strategic state corporations. Government regulation was further found to have a partial intervening effect on the relationship between Technical factors and In-house software quality assurance in strategic state corporations. The findings of this study are useful to the Government, Strategic state corporations, Policy makers, Scholars, Software developers, IT consultants and other state corporations. There is need to develop policies and software development framework that incorporates Technical factors and associated inputs to support in-house development of quality software.

Technical factors, in-house software development, software quality assurance, Strategic state corporations


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