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Yegon BK

Chonge HM

Kiaritha EN


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Prime Journal of Social Science

ISSN: 2315-5051

Volume 6, Issue 1, pp. 1442-1449

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Full Length Research



Relationship between teaching methods and understanding of content: A case of universities in Eldoret Municipality



Bernard K. Yegon, Hesborn M. Chonge and Esther N. Kiaritha



Department of Educational Psychology, MOI University, Kenya


 Accepted Date

21st November, 2016



Yegon BK, Chonge HM, Kiaritha EN (2017). Relationship between teaching methods and understanding of content: A case of universities in Eldoret Municipality. Prim. J. Soc. Sci. 6(1): 1442-1449.



Educational transformation and reform have become urgent issues across the globe to meet the demands of new educational objectives in the knowledge-based economy. There is an increase in the number of universities whose graduates do not meet the demands of labor market. Hence, there has been a complaint from the public on the professionalism of the graduates. This paper does not necessarily focus on labor market analysis or how to improve graduate employability, but rather attempts to present a description of how university teaching methods relate to enhancement of understanding of content which has an overall effect on studentsí preparation for the labor market, a reality that most educators may not be familiar with. This study utilized a descriptive survey design. Among other findings, the study established that that students preferred learner-centered methods to be used by lecturers while teaching since they had good understanding of content.

Key words:
Education transformation, Teaching Methods, Content, Labor market.


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