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Oke OA

Mirabeau M



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Volume 1, Issue 3, pp. 28-30

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Evaluation of two insecticides to control melon fruit fly (Bactrocera Cucurbitae) in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L) crop at Anse Boileau, Seychelles


Oke OA1 and Mirabeau M2


1Department of Biological Sciences,University of Agriculture,Abeokuta, Nigeria.

2Vegetable Evaluation Research Station, Anse Boileau,Department of Natural Resources , P.O Box 166, Victoria, Mahe

Republic of Seychelles.


Accepted 20th September, 2012



The experiment was carried out from April to June, 2010 at the Vegetable Evaluation and Research Station Farm Anse Boileau Seychelles to evaluate the efficacy of the two insecticides lambda-cyhalothrine and deltametrine in the control of melon fruit fly (Bactracera cucurbltae- coq) on cucumber.  The crop used was cucumber (variety slicer no.5). The seeds were sown in the nursery in early April, 2010 at the rate of one seed per poly pot. Cultural management including weeding, watering were carried out in the usual manner. The experimental plot consisting of soil classified as sandy-loam was cleared, rotovated and divided into treatment pIots.  The treatments were replicated three times in a randomized complete block design. The seedlings were transplanted two weeks after nursery sowing to each treatment plot. Snail pellets were applied to the seedlings to prevent snail infestation. The cucumber plants were all staked at one week after transplanting using individual method of staking.  Three side dressers with compound fertilizer NPK (12: 12: 17) at the rate of 23g/ plant (Ripjma, 1991) was applied at three week intervals from transplanting date Results obtained show that the two insecticides were effective in controlling melon fruit fly in cucumber.  However, Lamda-cyhalothrine was found to be better as its spray reduced more number of melon fruit fly pupae that emerged than those of the Deltamethrine.  Also Lambda-cyhalothrine increase the quality of harvested cucumber fruits in relation to infestation of fruits with ovipositor marks..


Keywords: Effectiveness, treatment, transplant, ovipositor mark, rearing, insecticide.


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