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Nwokocha CO

Chineke TC

Fagbenro AB



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Prime Journal of Physical Science

(ISSN: 2315-5043)

Volume 1, Issue 4, pp. 31-39

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Renewable energy potentials for Nigeria: Making the transition from oil and gas to solar


1Nwokocha CO , 2Chineke TC and 2Fagbenro AB


1Department of Physics, Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri, Nigeria,

2Atmospheric Physics Research Group, Evan Enwerem University, Owerri, Nigeria.


Accepted 18th October, 2012



Renewable Energy has been talked about for more than thirty years while fossil fuels have increased in use and declined in supply. While significant gains have been made we are currently challenged to make the switch to renewable energy on time to avoid significant environmental and climatic changes. Monthly mean distribution of total irradiation over Nigeria is presented in the form of detailed maps, data were obtained from 31- sites spread within the country with a 12- month record of global solar radiation data representing long term monthly and yearly averages of the period 1985-2004, obtained from photovoltaic geographic information survey (PVGIS) website. The overall results were interpreted with respect to the seasons and the geographical regions of the country.


Keywords: Renewable energy, potentials, Nigeria, solar, oil and gas, transition.

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