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Alao OA

Musiliyu KA



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Prime Journal of Physical Science

(ISSN: 2315-5043)

Volume 1, Issue 5, pp. 58-61

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Microphysical properties of signal depolarization across canting angles over horizontal distance 




Alao OA and Musiliyu KA




Department of Physical Sciences, Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.


Date Accepted


11th December, 2012




Alao OA, Musiliyu KA (2012). Microphysical properties of signal depolarization across canting angles over horizontal distance. Prim. J. Phys. Sci. 1(5): 58-61.




These recent studies discuss the microphysical characteristics of  a raindrop associated with stratifom rainfall type. The observed drop shapes are between 0.25mm and  1mm spheroidial drop shapes. In a theoretical sense, the rising altitude has less effect on the rain temperature but obviously for the fall velocity due to wind effect. Since raindrops with radii > 4.0mm are hydro dynamically unstable and break up. Drizzle and widespread within this range of equivolumic radius are expected near  stable due to the  tropical fall velocity.  This paper however reports that for one time rain event,  signal along the earth- space may experience less impairment in the rain margin. Rain induced propagation impairments such as attenuation causing various degrading effects to the propagation of millimetre wave signals result in signal instability.. Hence, the axes of non spherical raindrop in the atmosphere will not necessarily be aligned in the vertical direction resulting in signal instability. This paper therefore gives an insight to check this signal depolarization characteristics which may be caused as a result of microphysical property such significant to wind velocity. 


Key Words: Stratiform rainfall, Fall velocity, Equivolumic radius, Signal instability, Wind velocity.

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