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Prime Journal of Microbiology Research

ISSN: 2251-127X. Volume 2, Issue 3, pp. 121-125

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Full Length Research


Effect of edible coating and packaging on microbiological characteristics of jaggery


Preeti Shukla


Department of Food Science and Technology G.B. Pant, University of Agriculture and Technology Pantnagar, India.


Accepted 9th April, 2012



Jaggery industry is one of the old and large agro-processing cottage industries in India. However it has problems related to keeping quality. The main problems associated with jaggery storage are liquefaction and deterioration of color. This investigation was undertaken to determine the quality characteristics of jaggery samples for 18 weeks with different treatments of edible coating, packaging and storage conditions. The treatments given to jaggery were: storage of jaggery at ambient conditions (Amb), uncoated and open (U/O), coated and open (C/O), uncoated and packaged in LDPE (U/P), coated and packaged in LDPE (C/P), uncoated and vacuum packaged (U/V) and coated and vacuum packaged (U/V), stored at 30±1 șC in incubator. The storage study revealed that the yeast and mould count and total viable count increased significantly (p ≤ 0.01) as the storage period increased, however, moisture content and water activity followed a decreasing trend during storage study. The results of the study concluded that jaggery with edible coating along with vacuum packaging (C/V) samples, stored at 30±1șC in incubator had significantly better quality characteristics than other treatments up till 18 weeks. Uncoated and vacuum packaged (U/V) jaggery was preferred most by sensory panel, followed by coated and vacuum packaged (C/V). It was concluded from the present study that problems because of absorption of moisture and microbial attack could be overcome by applying protein based edible coating on jaggery, packing it under vacuum and storing it under controlled conditions of temperature and relative humidity.


Key words: Edible coating, jaggery, packaging.


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