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International Journal of Global Studies

Volume 1, Issue 1, pp. 1-4

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Coalition for constitution and economic growth in Nepal



Keshab Bhattarai



Business School, University of Hull, HU6 7RX, Hull, United Kingdom. Phone: 44-1482463207; Fax: 44-1482 433484


 Accepted Date

3rd January, 2013



Bhattarai K (2013). Coalition for constitution and economic growth in Nepal. Int'l. J. Glob. Stud. 1(1): 1-4



The major political parties of Nepal were able to form a coalition for peace by integrating the Maoist warriors into the national army of Nepal but they failed to promulgate a constitution within the four year tenure of the Constitution Assembly of Nepal (CAN). Parties could not put national interest first above the party interest on the basis of mutual trust to agree to a fully democratic constitution for the Federal Republic of Nepal. They could not learn enough from the four years of fruitless bargaining and negotiations. Non-cooperative strategies of struggle for power were a stumbling block while they were supposed to make the rules of the game within the multiparty structure existing in Nepal. Disagreements on the restructuring the state and names of the federal states in ethnic lines were result of distrust, disrespect and lack of credible commitments. Game theory is used to show that bigger problems of growth and development cannot be solved unless these parties form a consensus putting aspirations of common Nepalese people in front of the interest of their own parties. Evidence shows that lack of commitment from Maoists to the agreements and the loss of credibility in negotiations were the main reason for the failure of the CAN.


Keywords: Coalition, Nepalese constitution, growth


JEL Classification: D7


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