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Prime Journal of Business Administration and Management

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Mwangemi J

Wilson C

Mung'atu JK




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Prime Journal of Business Administration and Management

ISSN: 2251-1261.

Volume 7, Issue 2, pp. 2209-2213

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Full Length Research



The Contribution of Technology Adoption on the Growth of Small and Micro-Enterprises Growth in Kenya



1*John Mwangemi , 1Churchill Wilson , and 2Joseph K. Mung’atu



1University of Liverpool

2Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya.


Accepted Date

2nd June, 2017



Mwangemi J, Wilson C, Mung’atu JK (2017). The Contribution of Technology Adoption on the Growth of Small and Micro-Enterprises Growth in Kenya. Prim. J. Bus. Admin. Manage. 7(3): 2209-2213.



Despite the many startups and government effort to improve the regulatory and institutional framework in Kenya, most Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs) do not evolve into medium enterprises. This paper sought to determine contribution of technology adoption on the growth of SMEs. The research design employed was the descriptive cross sectional design that used a purposive survey. The study targeted SMEs situated in Nairobi City and operating in four sub-sectors of the economy namely: transportation and storage; accommodation and services activities; information and communication; financial and insurance activities; and professional, scientific and technical activities. A total of 395 SMEs were sampled using stratified technique and response rate registered was 88.1%. Primary data were collected through questionnaires administered on owners and managers of SMEs by the researcher by way of structured interviews. Secondary data were collected through documentary reviews. In order to guarantee validity and reliability of the primary data collected, the instrument was constructed against the background of the specific research objectives and tested through experience surveys. Data analysis procedures were carried out and the data coded before running the initial summaries in the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). For the qualitative data, simple listing of suggestions, factors and other itemized variables was adopted. Chi-square test of association at a 5% level of significance was used to explore the relationship between variables. While the respondents were in agreement on the importance of technology, there was very low usage, attributed to lack of resources, awareness and training. Entrepreneurial training programs should be developed as part of the national school curriculum as well as development of training programs for SMEs which should include awareness on business ethics and tendering procedures.

SMEs, technology, growth

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